Bulk Upload ISOs to vCloud Air

I’ve been leveraging vCloud Air recently for development and testing. The ability to run nested ESXi in the cloud, coupled with the promotions for free credits makes it a convenient playground for running a plethora of applications.

Uploading to vCloud Director has always been cumbersome. Due to the required browser plug-ins, you needed the right combination of versions and your settings had to be just right. But recently Chrome and Firefox have closed the door on old Netscape API that fully broke the ISO upload feature.

VMWare provides a command line tool called OVFTool that allows uploading ISO files (and OVF as well). William Lam over on vGhetto wrote an excellent shell script to wrap OVFTool to make it a little easier. However, I’m still too lazy for that. What I wanted is to upload a bulk of ISO files to my catalog, so I could quickly build environment from scratch.

So, entered vCloudAir_BulkUploadISO.sh, this bash script for Mac will do just that. Set a couple of variables up front; your vCloud Air information and the folder you want to upload. The script will prompt for your credentials and loop through all the ISO files in the folder upload them to your catalog. Clone it from my GitHub page.

Open in your favorite editor, adjust the variables and upload en masse.